Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are the solution we provide when the rest of your remaining teeth are due for extractions. Should you wish to avoid being completely without teeth for an extended period after extraction, the team at the Austin Denture Clinic can start the procedure to fit you with immediate dentures prior to the extractions.

Our registered denturists (RDs) will make an impression of your existing teeth and gums prior to your surgery. They will then use those impressions in the construction of your new dentures, duplicating your original teeth or even improving their appearance should you desire. Please note that in some cases, there is no way of trying on dentures prior to extractions.

Temporary linings are advised to ensure a positive fit. After your gums have completely healed, a permanent reline or measurement for a new denture is advisable to create a more exact fit.

Do you have questions about immediate dentures? Call our clinic! We can be reached at 604-939-1313.

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